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More than ‘just a job’: Why you should consider entering the cleaning profession

One of the reasons we’ve structured our business the way we do is to change the stigma around the cleaning sector. Many people have preconceptions about starting a career in cleaning that may discourage them from applying. Here at TLCC, we see cleaning as a career in which you can learn, grow, and get rewarded for doing well, not just as a part-time job to fill a career gap. Becoming a cleaning professional offers our staff immense job satisfaction, flexibility and loads of transferable skills! One of the best things about the profession is that you don’t need any prior qualifications! With such a hands-on job, we’re always learning and developing our practices as we go, as well as making it adaptable to all of our staff’s different needs and preferences, though sticking to the same core practices.

The cleaning industry is a flexible place to work, offering full time, part time or temporary employment options, and often control over the types of jobs you work on. Due to the nature of the work, you can rest assured that there will be consistent opportunities open to you – there’s always demand for cleaners as they form an integral part of many businesses! The job also encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle; you’ll often find yourself on your feet, travelling to locations and working hard to ensure you provide the best service to customers, sure to keep you fit and healthy. No cleaning job is the same either, some of the more challenging cleans can be really invigorating and make seeing those gorgeous end results even sweeter!

It also offers some more surprising benefits. Aside from the pride in your work at making an obvious and valuable difference to the quality of life of clients it also offers you the opportunity to create lasting relationships with both colleagues and clients, leading to increased job satisfaction and maybe even lifelong friendships! Clients will be sure to appreciate the many cleaning tips you can pick up and pass on during your career too ;) Moreover, many companies will offer great benefits packages for employees, including bonuses, healthcare and pensions.

Here at the Little Cottage Cleaning Company we offer an extensive training program to our employees to ensure they have opportunities to grow, and are constantly giving feedback for their work, embracing the uniquity of our diverse workforce. We subscribe to The Real Living Wage Foundation so offer a great starting rate of £10.90 per hour (£11.40 for those who drive our vehicles) with the option to increase your hourly rate up to £14 per hour when hitting targets and doing specialised work tasks. Our cleaning staff are fully employed enjoying all the usual benefits that brings such as pensions and bonuses meaning they are motivated to do an outstanding cleaning job.


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