Spring Cleaning Service

clean and fresh



Our Berkshire Spring Cleaning Service / Deep Cleaning Service is available at all times of the year to freshen up your home.


Our Spring Cleaning Service / Deep Cleaning Service is available throughout Berkshire and South Oxfordshire and cleans to all rooms including kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dens and snugs, hallways and entrances. It can be tailored to your requirements and can include:

vacuuming cleaning of all carpets and wet washing of hard floors

polishing and dusting furniture

full carpet cleaning service

washing skirting boards and doors

cleaning insides of wardrobes

cleaning sockets and switches

dusting radiators

turning mattresses and cleaning under beds

cleaning kitchen cupboards inside and out

clean and descale toilets, sinks, sowers and baths

descaling washing machines and dishwashers

fridge freezers inside and out

oven cleaning service

dusting or cleaning light fittings

insides of windows and ledges cleaned

If you have any other requests we're happy to include them. The time it takes to complete will vary depending on the size/condition of your property and what you would like to be included.  To book service please complete an online booking form.