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We have made our Terms and Conditions as simple and easy to understand as possible. If you have any questions then please contact us and we will be happy to talk to you.


Cleaner refers to the person or persons carrying out the services requested by the client

Service Charge is the payment made by the client to The Little Cottage Cleaning Company 

The Client means the person requesting cleaning services of employed cleaners via The Little Cottage Cleaning Company.

Service or services mean the work carried out by the cleaner on request of the client and as detailed on the booking form, or later altered in writing.

Your Property is the address or location where the service is to be carried out by your cleaner as detailed on your booking form, or later altered in writing.

We refers to The Little Cottage Cleaning Company

Your Property


We usually only provide services to those properties with services of running water, drainage and electricity connections. We will only accept properties without services by prior agreement.  We reserve the right to make a minimum charge of 2 hours where we arrive at a property and cannot complete cleaning due to lack of services. 

We want to provide you with a good service so ask that in return you give us as much information about your property in advance so we can make a fair assessment. If the information we have is vague or incorrect then the price or time scale may be altered. If in doubt ask for advice.

The Little Cottage Cleaning Company wants to ensure a safe working environment for everyone. Therefore, we ask that your property be in a safe condition for your cleaner to work in and have safe access and egress.

If you have something you do not want your cleaner to touch, or a room you do not want your cleaner to go in, then please agree this with us first.  We cannot be held responsible if you do not provide prior notification.


We appreciate that everyone’s idea of clean is different. If you have told us your property is in a reasonable state and when your cleaner arrives they discover it is heavily soiled, or in a different state to that agreed, then we may have to insist on an initial deep clean, or amend the amount of time required in our estimate.  In the event of an estimate being amended because of inaccurate information supplied by you then you have the right to cancel subject to a minimum 2 hour charge being made.


Charges and Pricing

All cleaners work on an employed basis, we DO NOT engage the services of self employed cleaners..  The hourly rate applies for each hour or part hour they have been in attendance regardless of actual service carried out.

Only one discount code, referral code, voucher or special offer per customer.  This includes members of their immediate family who reside with them.

We will always ask you for the amount of hours your require, we may also give you an estimate based on the average time it takes to clean a similar property of a similar size to yours based on the information you give us. PLEASE NOTE we can only provide an estimate based on the information you provide, if in any doubt please ask for an inspection visit to be carried out where a more accurate estimate can be made.

In the rare event that you supply your own equipment, materials or anything for your cleaner to use, then we ask that all equipment or products supplied must be fit for purpose and in good working order.

New customers will usually be asked to pay a deposit by debit card, credit card or bank transfer to secure their booking.  

Where payments are not made when requested, declined or charged back by you then we reserve the right to charge administration fees to recover the outstanding sum.  These will be limited to £9 per phone call made, £15 per written correspondence sent whether by email or letter.  It is Company policy to follow every payment owed which may result in the use of a debt collection agency.  Please remember that any missed, fraudulent or charged back payments not rectified within 7 days may result in debt collection action which can affect your credit rating.

Your Service

At all times you are responsible for maintaining payment of your service by direct debit, bank transfer or credit/debit card within 24 hours of your invoice being issued (unless agreed otherwise).  Failure to do so could result in loss of service and/or legal/debt collection action being taken and as a result additional charges being added..

We ask that you provide regular feedback on your cleaner.  Where standards are not to your liking then we ask that you inform us immediately and if you wish, also discuss this with your cleaner.  Where you believe damage or loss has occurred as a result of your cleaners actions, then we ask that you inform us immediately, and in any event within 24 hours, or we cannot be held responsible.

For one off cleans, including spring cleaning,  after builders cleans and deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and external cleaning is always excluded unless specifically requested and agreed beforehand .

We will always try and adhere to any time and date we have agreed with you when providing our service.  On occasions we may need to alter this when incidents occur out of our control, such as but not limited to, sickness, adverse or extreme weather, traffic delays, loss or lack of material supply.

If you wish to change your contract including hours and dates you must do so in writing (post or email) for regular cleaning services at least 48 hours in advance and for one off cleaning services at least 72 hours in advance.  Failure to do so may result in the minimum charge being made if service cannot be completed. We will always try and accommodate all requests but cannot guarantee this.

Where you wish to terminate or cancel your service, you must do so with at least one month notice for regular cleaning services and with at least 72 hours notice for one off cleaning services.  Where this is not given we reserve the right to pursue a charge equal to but not greater than the loss of revenue which we would have enjoyed had the service taken place.

Insurance and Liability

Your cleaner will always ensure to take good care of your property but cannot be held liable for existing damage stains or spills that cannot be removed using normal cleaning methods, wear and tear, discolouring or damage which only becomes apparent once cleaning has taken place, damage to fragile items or to items that require specialist care where you have not previously advised us or your cleaner of the fragility or special care requirements, damage cause by events out of our/your cleaners control, damaged caused by normal cleaning methods which is beyond our/your cleaners control, or damage caused by third parties. 

Where damage occurs, and is not within the scope of any insurance in place then liability will be restricted to the cost of the service provided for that month in respect of the normal regular payment made to The Little Cottage Cleaning Company.  For one off cleans this will be restricted to the cost of the service provided for that specific clean.  Most household insurance policies now provide cover for domestic staff, we advise that you check your policy or consult your insurers before employing the services of a cleaner.  In any event, the Company's total liability shall not exceed a sum equal to the price paid by the Client for the Service charge of that month for regular services or the One Off Service Charge for one off services.


We carry comprehensive liability insurance with Hiscox who we believe provide the exceptional cover our clients deserve.  Any claim you wish to make which falls above the liability of The Little Cottage Cleaning Company as detailed above, must be made within 24 hours of the incident occurring.

By clicking to accept our terms and conditions on your booking form when submitting a booking request you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Your statutory rights remain unaffected.