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Eco-Cleaning: How to switch to sustainable practices and choose the right products!

It’s come to our attention that a lot of people don’t really know where to start when it comes to choosing eco products, so we put together this review to tell you about some the ones we love! We’ll be comparing them to high street favourites, looking at customer reviews, company reputation, and highlighting their ingredients to explain why we love using them. We’ll also be following up with a deep dive into some popular ecological brands to give you a few suggestions of where to start your ecological cleaning journey!

Sonett Scouring Powder

5* rated across multiple platforms including BigGreenSmile, Sonett is a company with a great reputation, and an even better Scouring powder! An NCP, CSE and Vegan Society accredited organisation, German-born brand Sonett has been a pioneer of manufacturing ecological cleaning and laundry products since 1977, focusing on water health and minimisation of pollutants in its sustainability mission. They maintain inclusivity in their workforce too, hiring a diverse range of people from all backgrounds.

The product itself is 100% biodegradable, incorporating a variety of minerals to maximise performance without ecological consequence. The main ingredient of the Scouring Powder is pumice powder and sodium carbonate, creating a gentle yet effective cleaning product enhanced by the grease and dirt-removing properties of sodium carbonate (something which may or may not have inspired some of our own products…)

Some popular similar products on the market include Vim, The Pink Stuff and Ajax, which contain chemical perfumes and bleaching agents, and can often also be gritty. None of these can compete with the positive ecological value of Sonett scouring powder, making it worth the extra pound or two!

Attitude Nature+ Bathroom Cleaner

Attitude’s Nature+ Bathroom Cleaner has an average customer review of 5* for its performance and is vegan, EWG, PETA and ECOLOGO® certified; making it suitable for use around people with sensitive skin. Attitude was founded in 2006, aiming to use only the best natural ingredients safe for pets and children. Now, the company is working towards being plastic-free, help rebuild the rainforest, and continue providing people with great home and healthcare products.

The Cleaner contains all-natural plant and mineral-based ingredients and perfumes, including non-ionic surfactants and sodium citrate to gently remove limescale and, due to its gentle exfoliative properties can be sprayed directly onto surfaces, unlike many harsher high-street equivalents. Popular comparatives include Domestos, HG, Flash and The Pink Stuff, but these products often contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to pets, children, skin and surfaces sprayed onto, as well as containing many intense perfumes.

Ecodoo Non-Scratch Scouring Cream

Ecodoo’s Non-Scratch Scouring Cream has overwhelmingly 5* customer reviews, and is 1% for the planet accredited and eco certified. The product is free from colouring, synthetic fragrance and synthetic preservatives, and hypoallergic ingredients including essential oils for scent. Scouring properties derived from fine granules of lime carbonate that remove dirt and limescale without damaging surfaces.

Ecodoo themselves are a French company, striving to provide safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning and laundering products since 1985, making them a pioneer!

In terms of popular competition, Cif, Astonish, Vim and the Pink Stuff dominate the market, but. All rely heavily on bleaching and stripping agents. The most obvious ecological alternative would be Sonett’s Scouring Powder or fluid – we often use it as an alternative!

Bio-D Floor Cleaner

The Bio-D Floor Cleaner has an average customer review of 5*, as well as being Vegan society, animal cruelty free and ethical consumer accredited. Bio-D has been around since 1989, striving to look for naturally derived alternatives that would clean safely and effectively without harming people or the environment. As a result, their ranges cover toiletries, laundry, dishwashing and household cleaning.

Bio D's floor cleaner has 100% natural ingredients, with plant-based natural derivates. No MIT, BIT, or MI, with linseed oil as a preliminary ingredient making it suitable for use on wood too, also making it pet-friendly. 100% recycled packaging. The most obvious competition for this product comes from Jantex, Cif, and Flash. However, these products can be harsher and contain hazardous materials, so if you're looking for an alternative, we'd suggest checking out some of the above recommendations.

So there you go! A short list of eco-friendly products you can switch to and help minimise your carbon footprint. Keep an eye on our blog to find more useful tips and recommendations on transforming you into an eco-cleaning pro!


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